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Life offers many exciting opportunities for growth, finding your life partner, creating a family, acquiring property, and engaging in business ventures.

The unexpected can happen and it often occurs when we least expect it. If you were no longer around, how would those you love, cope with the added financial pressure. Life insurance removes some of the financial burden associated with your passing so those close to you can have the life you had planned for them even if you are no longer around.

Let us navigate life with you, by creating a tailored life insurance plan that grows with you. Securing your future, for the future is the best way to protect your loved ones.

Trauma/Critical Illness Insurance

Trauma wears many different disguises, but what remains the same for all, is the major impact it can have on the life of an individual and their loved ones.

Trauma cover will provide a lump sum payment to meet the unexpected costs and relive the financial pressure. Paid on diagnosis of major events such as Cancer, heart attacks, stroke as well as other major events it can provide financial support at a time where there is significant uncertainty.

With this financial support we hope that you can have a speedy recovery and get back to life as you know it.

Disability Insurance

We all have people who need us and those close to you may rely on your ability to work. That may be as the main income earner but equally the person at home making sure the family is cared for. But what happens if an accident or illness leaves you in a permanently disabled and were unable to do what you do best. Disability insurance adds an extra level of support which can make all the difference in tough times.

Like all major medical events we don’t often plan on having them happen, but we can plan if they do. We can work through how this benefit can allow for you and your family if you where to face an event of this nature.


Have you thought about how you would financially cope if you became sick or got injured? Chances are you have had to work hard to get to where you are. What would happen if an illness or accident prevented you from working? Who would pay the mortgage, pay the school fees and meet general household expenses? Income protection will not cost you the earth, but it could save your world falling apart.

With cover options for up to 75% of your income we can help protect what is important to you and keep some financial normality even if you are not able to work for a period of time. Income is often overlooked as your biggest asset and without it what would your life look like?


For most of us our mortgage is our single biggest outgoing. It's a part of life and an important part at that, if it means having a place to call your own. Those monthly payments do not stop if you get sick or injured and can't work like you normally would. Which is why Monthly Mortgage protection is of value to have in place.


Just like our health, sometimes our work can take unexpected turns. Redundancy cover allows you the time to secure the right job and meet your outgoings while your income has stopped.

With multiple options available, let us help you get the appropriate cover in place for your requirements.


Undoubtedly your health is your biggest asset and without it, life as you know it will be compromised. Given it's the underpinning for a full life would it make sense to have a plan in place for unexpected medical events?

Often the cost of private treatment, consultations and medicine can be prohibitive when we need them the most. We will help you understand your options and have your needs reflected by the suited medical plan.


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Jonathan Winstone combines old fashioned business morals and principals in a day and age where these can be easily forgotten. He was extremely professional and hyper aware of the latest policies and what would be fit my needs not only personal but business. There are insurance advisers and then there is Jonathan Winstone!

Ryan DixonRay White Elite Salesperson

Jonathan’s primary commitment is to always do the right thing for his customers. He ensures the solutions he recommends are well understood by his customers and meet their needs and expectations.

Nadine TereoraCEO - Fidelity Life

Working with Johny is an absolute pleasure. He is trustworthy and his advice and guidance is always highly valued. The service and professionalism that Johny provides is unparalleled and I would highly recommend him to anyone.

Edward PackBayleys, Top 1%

Johny was a breath of fresh air. On time and immaculate, I had no intentions of changing from my prior broker. That is until I met Johny and realized I what I was missing out on. Johny has immense knowledge and is always available.

Tom RawsonRay White Chairman's Elite Salesperson

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