Let Winstone Partners help protect what is most important to you. We are here to provide you with expert advice, and help you choose the right cover for your circumstances. And when it comes time to make a claim, we’re here to act on your behalf and ensure you get the best possible outcome.


Does your business rely on certain key staff members? Are you one of those key people? What would happen if one of these key members was unable to work as a result of illness or injury?

Key person cover allows for financial support to get in suitable locums to the business and ensure it continues to operate in the same manner. Often our commitment to our team can mean a double up on costs which add financial pressure to the business. With the right cover in place, take this financial risk off the books and know that the business can continue to perform to best of its ability.


Have you successfully grown a business with your partner? Has each business partner got the financial resources to purchase the shares off each other should something unexpected arise?

With shareholder cover you can be assured that funds will be available to purchase your shares and your family financially looked after even if you are no longer around. Often you hear of business get passed onto children or spouses who are not prepared to run them, and the value diminishes. Let us guide you on how to prevent this from been your family's reality.


Are you looking at rewarding you team for or a job well done? Have you considered alternative ways to attract new talent and maintain the excellent staff you already have?

Employee benefits are often seen as a more valuable incentive than a pay rise or additional leave. We have experience in working with organisations of all sizes. We can tailor benefits that provide high value for your team and in a cost-effective manner to the business.

A further benefit to these options and dependent on the size of your organisation will be cover to employees with pre-existing health conditions. Extended family will receive incentivised rates and access to cover that may previously not been an option.


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Jonathan Winstone combines old fashioned business morals and principals in a day and age where these can be easily forgotten. He was extremely professional and hyper aware of the latest policies and what would be fit my needs not only personal but business. There are insurance advisers and then there is Jonathan Winstone!

Ryan DixonRay White Elite Salesperson

Jonathan’s primary commitment is to always do the right thing for his customers. He ensures the solutions he recommends are well understood by his customers and meet their needs and expectations.

Nadine TereoraCEO - Fidelity Life

Working with Johny is an absolute pleasure. He is trustworthy and his advice and guidance is always highly valued. The service and professionalism that Johny provides is unparalleled and I would highly recommend him to anyone.

Edward PackBayleys, Top 1%

Johny was a breath of fresh air. On time and immaculate, I had no intentions of changing from my prior broker. That is until I met Johny and realized I what I was missing out on. Johny has immense knowledge and is always available.

Tom RawsonRay White Chairman's Elite Salesperson

Your needs are ever evolving, and we are here to support you into the future. Let us help you manage your insurance requirements, so you are never over insured or paying more than your requirements need.